Correspondence Delivery Instructions
  • *Reminder: For urgent matters related to NCKU, please contact the following units directly for immediate handling.
    • Campus Security Center: 06-2757575 extension 55555
    • Campus Security Squad Division: 06-2757575 extension 66666
    • Campus Security Squad Division: 06-2757575 extension 66666

  • *To protect your personal information, this system will not handle these matters. Please report the following concerns through the dedicated units of NCKU:
    • 1.About “Prevention and Management of Unlawful Infringement in the Performance of Duties”:
      Reporting and Complaint Unit: Campus Security Center
      Reporting and Complaint Helpline: (06) 2381187; Extension within the campus: 55555
      Reporting and Complaint Fax: (06) 2766447
      Reporting and Complaint Email:
    • 2. About “Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Bullying on NCKU campus”:
      NCKU Gender Equality Education Committee: /
    • 3. Concerning “Individual Faculty and Staff”:
      Office of Personnel:
    • 4. Concerning “Individual Students”:
      Office of Academic Affairs:
    • 5. Related to "NCKU Hospital":
      NCKU Hospital Director's Mailbox:

  • "Suggestion Box System" Processing Procedure
    • 1. Please fill in your request and contact information; then click the "Submit" button.
    • 2. You will receive an email with a serial number related to your request.
    • 3. Your request will be assigned to the department responsible for addressing your concern.
    • 4. The responsible department will then start to deal with your request.
    • 5. The reply to your request will be sent to you by email along with an attached satisfaction survey.

  • Regulations and Reminders
    • 1. If you fail to receive our notices or responses, please check your email spam folder.
    • 2. You may inquire about the progress of your case by entering the serial number and email address.
    • 3. If any of the following appear in your request, we won't be able to provide a response:
      • (1) If your request is irrelevant to NCKU affairs or involves rude or inappropriate behavior or baseless information. You may need to take legal action if reporting a violation that is against the law.
      • (2) If your request does not include concrete content and/or real contact information.
      • (3) If you continue to send in requests concerning the same incident even though it has been managed properly and answered clearly.
      • (4) If your request is not in our jurisdiction, or letters of the same nature have already been sent by you to other authorities who can respond to your concern.
    • 4. We will not share your personal information without permission. Your name, phone number, email address, etc. will be given out only if we need to forward your request to other departments or persons relevant to your case.

Please check "I have read and agree to the terms"